Blu Cigs Review
Revolutionizing the electronic cigarette market.
The arrival of Blu Cigs signifies the era of modern smoking. These innovative devices may look, feel and taste like your everyday traditional cigarettes but its long list of benefits promises to give you more than just a few refreshing puffs.
Blu Cigs Review
Revolutionizing the electronic cigarette market.

The arrival of Blu Cigs signifies the era of modern smoking. These innovative devices may look, feel and taste like your everyday traditional cigarettes but its long list of benefits promises to give you more than just a few refreshing puffs.

Green Smoke Review
The eco friendly e-cigarette.

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, Green Cigs has become one of the most popular brands in the United States due to its wide selection of products that can suit every user preference.

Smoketip Review
The "Budweiser" of E-Cigs?

With its competitive pricing and superb warranty, Smoketip is held in high regard by avid smoking enthusiasts across the United States as one of the finest electronic cigarette brands these days.

South Beach Smoke Review
Taking smoking to the next level.

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, South Beach Smoke has all the stuff to give its competitors a run for their money.

Volcano E-Cigs Review
Revolutionary e-cig products.

Have you ever wondered how you can transform smoking from an off-putting habit to a swanky, modern indulgence? Perhaps you've never checked out Volcano E-cigs yet. Thanks to the invention of electronic cigarettes, enjoying a puff or two has become more fashionable these days.


Welcome to Best Smokeless Cigarettes


Welcome to Best Smokeless Cigarettes, the site that offers smokeless cigarette users high quality reviews of leading e-cigarette brands.

Smokeless cigarettes are not new to the smoking industry but lately their popularity has skyrocketed. With all the e-cig products and accessories flooding the market it can be difficult to determine which e-cig brands are hits and which are duds. Luckily, we are here to make sure that your hard earned money is saved for top-selling e-cig brands only. Before making your next e-cigarette purchase be sure to check out helpful reviews and user testimonials on popular e-cigarettes.

Smokeless Cigarette Basics:

Interpreting all the products put into a pack of cigarettes would take a manual and most smokers just don’t have the time. Conventional cigarettes have become more and more complicated over the years and the dangers of their use has continued to rise. With such a negative past, it is not surprising that many smokers try to quit every day. E-cigs are simple in their design and their components. While they make look like a futuristic interpretation of conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are easy to understand.

Each electronic cigarette contains an e-liquid cartridge, battery, and atomizer. The most noticeable feature of many e-cig brands are their LED lights that shine brightly when a user vapes. Instead of inhaling a toxins created from lighting cigarettes, smokeless cigarette users inhale a vapor solution that doesn’t contain the carcinogens found in lit cigarettes.

Smokeless cigarettes have become a hit over the last few years with their simple design and hundreds of customizable options. Smokers once again have control over their smoking. E-cigs also come in a variety of e-liquid flavors from Menthol to Coffee and almost any other flavor you could dream. Unlike conventional cigarettes that release harmful toxins in addition to nicotine when lit, smokeless cigarettes release nicotine in the form of a vaporized e-liquid solution.

Electronic cigarettes and health:

This vapor solution decreases a e-cig user’s contact with harmful carcinogens created from burning tobacco products. For years doctors, tobacco companies, and smokers have known about the dangers of smoking conventional cigarettes such as emphysema, various cancers, heart disease, gum disease, reproductive problems, and more. With the dangers associated with smoking increasing, many smokers are seeking alternatives.

E-cigarettes are a new solution to an old problem.

While the Food and Drug Administration prohibits e-cigs from being marketed as smoking cessation aids, many former smokers have claimed vaping helped them curb their smoking addiction. E-cig users can select the nicotine level that best suits their needs, enabling long-term smokers to decrease their nicotine intake over a period of time. Nicotine is an addictive substance but e-cigs puts the control back in the hands of smokers and out of the hands of tobacco manufacturers. For users looking for a fully customizable experience, e-cigs are the way to go.

LIRR E-Cigarette Ban Takes Effect


Folks in New York are no stranger to regulations but the latest electronic cigarette regulation by the Long Island Rail Road has taken some smokers by surprise. The new smoking ban prohibits smokers from using any form of smoking device, including tobacco cigarettes, pipes and smokeless cigarettes while using the trains. While the wording of the ban is fuzzy when applied to e-cig users, this has not stopped smokers from worrying about the possibility of being ticketed for using electronic cigarettes.

The latest LIRR regulations have been revised to include:

No person in a terminal, station or train shall…

(o) burn a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, or any other matter or substance which contains tobacco or any tobacco substitute on a train or in any indoor area within a terminal or station not specifically designated as an area where such conduct is permitted;

LIRR representatives seem worried about the health of passengers that might be affected by second-hand smoke and tobacco use during the ride. This has not stopped smokeless cigarette users from challenging the new regulations. Since smokeless cigarettes are not burned they are not clearly banned by the revisions. Still, it is better to err on the side of caution since many e-cigarettes closely resemble their tobacco counterparts.

Are electronic cigarettes safe?

Many leading e-cig brands have smokeless cigarettes that look like conventional cigarettes on the outside but do not rely on a lighter or matches to be lit. Instead, smokeless cigarettes use a battery to power a small heated coil inside the e-cigarette. This atomizer is used to heat the flavored nicotine solution inside and produce a harmless vapor. When a smoker uses an electronic cigarette there are no nasty side effects like second hand smoke or strong cigarette smells.

The FDA is still working on its findings about electronic cigarettes but the release of information about the long-term effects of e-cigs has been postponed until October. Major electronic cigarette brands continue to produce quality e-cig products, e-liquid flavors and cases despite the ongoing investigations about electronic cigarettes. The continued scrutiny of e-cigs has helped the industry develop new and more advanced smoking technology with the safety of smokers and non-smokers in mind.